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1 an easy return of a tennis ball in a high arc
2 the act of propelling something (as a ball or shell etc.) in a high arc v : propel in a high arc; "lob the tennis ball" [also: lobbing, lobbed]

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  • lŏb, /lɒb/, /lQb/
  • Rhymes with: -ɒb

Etymology 1


  1. To throw or hit a ball into the air in a high arch.
    The guard lobbed a pass just over the defender.
    The tennis player lobbed the ball, which was a costly mistake.
to throw or hit a ball high into the air


  1. (ball sports) A pass or stroke which arches high into the air.
    The guard launched a desperate lob over the outstretched arms of the defender.
Derived terms
a high-arching pass or stroke

Etymology 2


  1. a lump
  2. a country bumpkin, clown

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Lob may refer to:
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  • Lob (comics), the pen name of French comics writer Jacques Lob

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boost, bowl, buoy up, cast, cast up, catapult, chuck, chunk, dart, dash, elevate, erect, escalate, fire, fling, flip, fork, heave, heft, heighten, heist, hike, hoick, hoist, hold up, hurl, hurtle, jerk, jerk up, knock up, lance, launch, let fly, levitate, lift, lift up, loft, pass, peg, pelt, perk up, pitch, pitchfork, put, put the shot, raise, raise up, rear, rear up, rise, serve, set up, shy, sky, sling, snap, stick up, throw, throw up, tilt, toss, up, upbuoy, upcast, upheave, uphoist, uphold, uplift, upraise, uprear, upthrow
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